!!!!!!!!!!!SPARKLEZILLA VOL.7!!!!!!!!!!

Phew!  It has been a little crazy at Sparklezilla headquarters this summer.  But your editors have emerged from their tailspins with an issue that they are VERY excited about.  We hope you enjoy it, are inspired by it, interact with it, and share it with everyone!!!
Keeping up with last years tradition, we are going to have the next Sparklezilla sumbmission deadline the first Monday in March of 2013, and the issue will debut that following summer.

********NEXT SUBMISSION DEADLINE MARCH 4, 2013************

Please send all submissions to sparklezillamagazine@gmail.com

There are very exciting things in SZ’s future.  There have been whisperings of calendars, interactive blog posts. . . and possibly Sparklezilla webisodes!!! So get ready to get your sparkle on!
Now let’s get this show on the road.


Cover by Chaz Chew

Directions: Click the cover above to download the magazine!

Side note: All the hyperlinks in this issue are active.  If you want to follow them, click on them in the pdf.


Action packed Issue 6!

Dear Sparklezillians,

What have your editors been up to this past year?  Everything ranging from intense amounts of college and work to adventures, art making and illnesses etc.  We love Sparklezilla and we are dedicated to continuing it’s awesomeness.  But we want to be realistic and practical.  So we decided that until our lives calm down a little, we would rather to put out 1 super, fantastic, amazing, and outstanding issue a year instead of multiple rushed issues.  We really spent a lot of time on this issue, and we hope it shows.  As always we aim to be bigger and better in the future.   We look forward to working with your awesome submissions.

******THE NEXT DEADLINE IS: MONDAY MARCH 5, 2012. ******

Send your decorated grocery lists, awesome photos, crazy recipes, funny drawings and more from now until March 5th to SPARKLEZILLAMAGAZINE@GMAIL.COM


You can expect the next exciting new issue summer 2012.  But still check back on the blog throughout the year for other smaller goodies!

Now for the main attraction, follow the underlined link below to download a pdf of Sparklezilla issue 6.  Please contact us if you have any trouble downloading the pdf.


Get to work and get your sparkle on!

With love,

Your Sparklezilla Team

The Anonymous Issue

The anniversary anonymous issue of Sparklezilla is ready to read! Enjoy

Directions.  Click the hyperlink below: Sparklezilla_5_Summer_2010.  That should either open it in a new browser window or give you the option to download it.  If you have any trouble send an email to the address above and we can email the magazine to you directly.


The next deadline will be JANURARY 31rst.

Sparklezilla Vol. 4 !!!!

We are terribly sorry that Vol. 4 took a little longer than usual.  But we at SZ are committed to putting together a good magazine, and we think that this issue fulfills that promise, even if it took a little longer.  We hope you enjoy this issue.  If you have any questions, advice, or problems etc please email them to: sparklezillamagazine@gmail.com.

Directions.  Click the hyperlink below: SZSpring2010.  That should either open it in a new browser window or give you the option to download it.  If you have any trouble send an email to the address above and we can email the magazine to you directly.


HAPPY BIRTHDAY SPARKLEZILLA! The summer issue of Sparklezilla will be the 1-year anniversary issue for the magazine! To celebrate this momentous occasion we would like to make the summer issue an anonymous issue. You can use a pen name if you like, or no name at all. The important thing is that the entire issue will be a mystery. The submission deadline for that issue will be June 27th. Then that issue should be ready to read by mid to late August! We are also going to try to put together some sort of celebration to mark this landmark issue in Sparklezilla history, so please continue to check back here for more information!


Bigger and Better

We at SZ are very excited to have for you today the winter issue of Sparklezilla.  To download this issue please click in the link that says: winterissue2010.  The link will be in a different color.  After you click on the link it will send you to a different page and you need to click the same link again (the one in a different color).  After you click that link it should start to download or ask you if you would like to download it.  If you try to download and are not successful- please send us an email at: sparklezillamagazine@gmail.com.  We can send you the pdf directly.

Secondly, it has come to our attention that this blog can be a bit difficult to understand and navigate.  So today we are happy to announce that we have purchased the domain name for Sparklezilla.com and we hope to have a clear and direct website up and running by the summer issue.  So get ready for bigger and better!!  We hope you enjoy this issue.  We at SZ continue to enjoy trying to make SZ better each time!  Don’t forget the deadline for the spring issue of SZ is April 9th!  Tell everyone!

Now for the magazine:


If you are new to Sparklezilla and would like more information, or if you would like to see the previous issues please email us at sparklezillamagazine@gmail.com.

2009 Fall Issue of Sparklezilla!!

Ready for something great?  That’s right the fall issue of Sparklezilla 09 is here!!  I realize it is out a little later than projected, but we at Sparklezilla are still trying to work out some kinks, and we hope to get better with each every issue!  We hope you enjoy this issue.  Make sure to spread the word.  If you like what you see here then share it, tell everyone! Let’s continue to make SZ bigger and better!!  The deadline for the winter issue of Sparklezilla will be Jan 8th 2010.  Remember the sky is the limit you can submit anything you can dream up! This is your opportunity to be heard and seen by getting published in a totally free online magazine.  So start working!  Please send submissions to: sparklezillamagazine@gmail.com

Magazine download directions:

  1. Click the labeled hyperlink below. ss3]

2.This will send you to a second page and you will have to click the same link a 2nd time.  Then it should ask you if you would like to download the file – click yes!


3.  Read, enjoy, and share it with everyone you know!!


(If you follow the directions and still cannot download the magazine, contact us at sparklezillamagazine@gmail.com and we can email it to you directly)



Friday Idea Party: Amanda Sue Wilson or Mandy

documentToday’s Writing Ideas: 

Idea number one. 

Really, id like to know the thoughts that run through everyone’s  
head. Daily. By the minute. Think…explaining your tweets…where the  
hell do they come from? For example… 

“I was sitting in starbucks. Waiting for my coffee. I had to run to  
the restroom. As I leave Starbucks, coffee in hand, I tweet “mmm… 

..no one on twitter knows what that means. But I do. You could say  
that I was speaking of my…juicy? Coffee…but what I was really  
thinking was that it was really hott outside. And my groin was  

Obviously, that’s a crude example. But what’s new if you’re  
talking to me? I’m sure we all say random things…or maybe not so  
random….But what interests me is how all these little tweets are  
interpreted, and what they’re supposed to mean. Why exactly did we  
choose the words we did? What interest do we want to generate in  
order to get some kind of validation? Or is that the case at  
all?...is this why facebook is addictive? It’s some weird imagined  
community that we can easily belong to? 

1.     Thought. Explanation. 

2.     Thought. Explanation. 

Write a paragraph about it. Or just list it. Whatever. 

Interest number two. 

What is the point of YOUR life? What is important, who is ‘just not  
getting life’ to you? Do certain people take longer than others to  
‘get it’, or do we all really just differ? Can you ‘get it’  
without having to live it?  Or do you have to have the balls to live  
it in order to claim ‘getting it’?  What kind of people might  
understand life more than others, and vice versa? There are so many  
different types of communities/upbringings/people.  All of our  
perceptions are different. It’d be interesting to put them in one  

Idea number three. 

How important is health? What do you consider healthy living/being?  
What makes you healthy? What…doesn’t? Are there unhealthy habits  
that make you happy, therefore deeming them healthy? Or do you  
believe that’s …just plain crap? 

Question number four. 

Why is it important to express yourself? 

Perspective number five. 

Your favorite life-making memories. Relating back to what’s actually  
the point of life, what is healthy, maybe?—what makes you happy? 


What are the things that you want to tattoo on YOUR life, to make  
YOUR statement, to leave YOUR footprint? What kind of footprints do  
you like seeing, but might not see yourself living? (see why it’s  
awesome that we don’t all want to make the same ones?) 

What are some things that you said ‘fuck it’ about, and gained a  
really great perspective or moment from doing so? 

…and were there times when you should have been more careful?  
Personally, I’ve never regretted a thing. I love the scars I have.  

Write a paragraph, or even a list, of the memories (things, people,  
adventures) that define you and your generation. Or, if you haven’t  
lived them yet, the ones that you imagine should! 


Log a picture and a song to summarize every day. Either how you felt,  
or your favorite thing you did!  Give it twenty days. Where’d you